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Who I am

Together, we can do more in less time.

As the business doctor, I’m focused on helping my clients develop as people, so they can achieve optimal business health. That means taking their businesses from good to great by developing leadership, good governance, and succession planning. I typically help owners of established businesses with between 10 – 100 employees, who are asking questions like:

What is there beyond what I currently have?

What is the quality of the life I’m living?

What will my business look like in the next 5-10 years?

These questions go further than just asking about business, to inquire into an owner’s identity. I help business owners navigate the three identities they hold in their enterprise: as managers, directors and shareholders. This means they can go beyond just managing the business as an employee, to thinking about the wellbeing of the organisation and its longevity as a director. In their role as shareholders, I can support owners by providing them with the tools they need to ensure a return on their investment.

Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.

John C. Maxwell
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Service Offerings

All programmes are coordinated and implemented personally by Master Mentor David Schischka. All programmes are customised based on the individual challenges of the business owner, and the business as a whole. David also looks at staffing, performance, key accountability, team performance and the desired outcomes of the business.

How does it work

Recognising your challenges, finding solutions together

From initial conversations, I evaluate your current situation and create a plan to deliver growth and meet your individual business needs. I offer, not a one-size-fits-all programme, but an individualised plan of action that meets clients where they are currently at in their businesses. With The Business Doctor, no two sessions are ever the same. I respond to issues as they arise with personalised mentoring, which maximises session time and leads to highly effective problem solving.

Too many people feel trapped by their business. I bring freedom and liberty to these people, by helping to get an appropriate relationship with the business in place. This may involve governance, leadership development and succession planning. Don’t let good be the enemy of great in your business – see The Business Doctor.

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