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David Schischka

More than a decade ago, three weeks after my 50 birthday, I suffered a cardiac arrest that could have ended my life. This experience fundamentally changed me, and led to the creation of The Business Doctor. I had a whole new philosophy about life, and how I wanted to do business, and used this as the foundation for my new operation. No longer would I be entirely focused on work, but instead, I would build a business that focused on enabling happiness and life-goals. Then I would help my clients, most of whom were word-of-mouth referrals, to do the same.

Fast forward many years and The Business Doctor has introduced happiness and satisfaction to the working lives of a huge number of business owners. These people owned businesses from a vast range of industries, and were experiencing very different challenges. However, they all shared one thing – the desire to make a change in their lives. It was my business and mentoring experience that enabled this change, by moving owners into a different way of thinking.

With more than 20 years in the business mentoring field, the depth of my experience supporting people from a range of industries allows me to problem-solve even the most puzzling of challenges. Because I don’t focus on just one industry, I have a broadness of perspective that means I can pinpoint problems in a business that may not have occurred to the owner. My results bringing a sense of satisfaction and freedom to business owners over many years, is testimony to The Business Doctor’s successful happiness-focused strategy.

Integrity is the value I hold highest, both in my business and personal life. I’ve been married for over 40 years and have four sons and a daughter with my wife Trish. I love the outdoors and enjoy the freedom of the road with HABIT7 our motorhome. Walking and biking are the activities I turn to most, when I need to take a break and reconnect with New Zealand’s wonderful environment.

Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.​

Jim Rohn​

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