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All programs are customized based on the individual challenges of the business owner, and the business as a whole.


I help business owners navigate the three identities they hold in their enterprise: as managers, directors and shareholders. This means they can go beyond just managing the business as an employee, to thinking about the wellbeing of the organisation and its longevity as a director, and, as a shareholder, ensuring a return.

Governance is a vital part of this: it provides the strategy and planning to achieve goals and growth. It also identifies the accountabilities owners hold, and commitments they make. Entrepreneurs are often hesitant to take accountability, but by not doing this, they never face challenges they would rise to, and never go from good to great.

Why is governance so important?

Introducing governance to a business owner is like going up in a helicopter to see the whole landscape. Unlike managing the business, which happens on the ground day-to-day, in the air you have a clear view of the big picture. Once you have this, it is much easier to make decisions that lead to the right consequences in the long-term. Without governance though, you never have the ability to truly get away from your business, so it can feel like a chain around your neck.

Succession Planning

Planning the future of your business, or thinking about its longevity, inevitably leads to questions around succession planning. If you’ve thought about succession, you probably need clarification to key questions like:

How do I grow the leadership team under me?

How do I leverage capital, technology and business assets to plan for the future?

How do I set up my business so I can get away from it entirely?

Succession planning occurs at a number of different levels: One is at the level of being responsible and understanding that your business can operate without you having to be there all the time. At another level, succession planning involves identifying who is going to run the business when you are ready to leave. You may still have some ownership in the business, but you will have moved from Managing Director to Chief Visionary Officer. Or, you will sell the business, so the succession planning involves building the business to a point of sale, and identifying the types of businesses that will be interested in buying it.

Whatever level your succession planning operates at, it’s a vital part of ensuring both your and your business’s long-term health. When you do it, you massively improve your effectiveness, because your focus moves from short-term profit to long-term sustainability. So, you are mindful about the time you put into the business, and create the right relationship with your responsibilities to deliver for your family, your business, your community and yourself.

Growth Development

Growth in a business, whether as a leader or in another role, is a requirement. If you’re not developing, you’re dying. I support business owners to grow in their role as leaders, so they can become better at what they do in the business as people. This ultimately, positively influences everyone else in the organisation.

Just like a GP, the Business Doctor focuses on the person, not the business. That means encouraging personal development for owners so they can lead by their conduct, rather than just their position. Leadership in business is all about being influential, not manipulative, and I teach the skills to deliver this. Since different businesses face different challenges, The Business Doctor offers personalised mentoring, which makes for truly effective mentoring sessions. Instead of giving owners a broad overview of improvement strategies that may or may not be relevant, time is saved with a bespoke programme that targets the specific challenges blocking development.

Why can’t I make these changes myself?

Often, business owners know what they need to do, but they need direction to begin the process of change. This direction is what The Business Doctor offers: Probing questions that get the ideas out of a person’s head, and into a strategic plan. Talking through this process, means as owners face challenges in their development, they don’t second-guess themselves and shrink back from the hard decisions that lead to real change.

An experienced mentor has never been more valuable, with the current instability the marketplace is facing. If you have specific training needs, like sales or customer service training, I have a valued network of experts in these spaces that I can connect you with. Outside of this, it’s The Business Doctor’s aim to take businesspeople from good to great with personalised mentoring that’s focused on their growth development in business and life.

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