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  1. Put your prices up
  2. Gather a database of customers and use it to communicate with them
  3. Deliver you service/product with routine consistency
  4. Set profit and revenue budgets and forecasts
  5. Work ON your business at least 5 hours a week, not just IN it
  6. Pay yourself first
  7. Have a profit account
  8. Stop discounting
  9. Sell more fast moving, high margin products and/or services
  10. Reduce costs by 10%
  11. Negotiate better deals with your suppliers
  12. Inform customers of your entire range
  13. Ask for the sale
  14. Offer add-ons
  15. Up-sell and cross-sell
  16. Train your team in sales
  17. Use checklists
  18. Test and measure Key Performance Areas of the business
  19. Use sales and service scripts
  20. Train your team in customer service
  21. Have a point of uniqueness
  22. Promote your guarantee
  23. Focus on your A-Grade customers
  24. Under promise and over deliver
  25. Profit is more important than turnover
  26. Keep track of the score constantly through up to date financial information
  27. Delegate low value activities to others
  28. Effectiveness is more important than efficiency
  29. Take a holiday regularly to re-create yourself
  30. Plan today the night before
  31. Plan time and events with the people you love most
  32. Make sure you have a Mentor, someone you respect